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I miss her more every day, we didn't court very long only 50 days, we heard Perry Como sing It's Impossible on our first date, that became our song. A strong believer in Jesus Christ she looked forward to the breaking of the bread and accepting his blood. She lived as she believed, giving her love to the animals we met on our journey of 45 years, and they always responded to her, A trip was planned to visit the Ark this summer. She enjoyed her work as a Police Officer and achieved the rank of Sergeant, again accepting all the students as children of God despite what problem they might be having. Showing her love that her faith produced, any one that met her could feel that love which came from her life with Jesus Christ. I thank him for allowing me to share her love for nearly 45 years. If Christ needed a helper he surly picked one of the best. Jo Ann passed as the music at ST Francis was playing what else but Perry Como singing It's Impossible. She loved Johnny Mathis "Chances Are" an
Mom with John and astronaut (and Boilermaker) Jerry Ross
Visit to Virginia in 2018